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I bought the pills, now what?

May 2020 26

Trimex Orlistat should not be consumed for more than 6 months, so it’s literally only for that summer body, not a winter body. Every dose should be consumed before every main meal (lunch or dinner if you work too much). These pills are not manufactured to hurt you, so don’t you try to make them. These pills might be the best that ever came out of the manufacturer’s oven since it’s easy to use and all, but extensive consumption may lead to health problems. Only use these pills, according to the information on the back of every package. Now there might be cases, where you won’t lose weight no matter what. If it happens to you after consuming these tablets for 12 weeks, consult your general practitioner or family doctor. There might be even cases, where you will have to disclose yourself from these pills.

How big should the dose be?

The amount of 1 dose is somewhere between 180 to 360mg. That means 1 pill before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now you might be thinking, that finally you can have that fatty fries and chicken for lunch without feeling guilty. When you are trying to lose weight, you should eat less fatty foods and more vegetables, fruits, nuts and palsy.

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